In a nutshell

  • Independent Swiss service company
  • Outstanding experience in O&M services for hydropower facilities
  • Active in developing countries, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa where access to electricity is the lowest worldwide
  • Highly experienced team of electrical, mechanical and civil engineers
  • Established commercial network in Africa
  • A know-how supported by strategic partners, key operators of the hydropower Swiss market

Offices in Africa 

Liberia and Cameroon

Commercial Offices 

Côte d’Yvoire, DR of Congo, Kenya, South Africa

Partner Offices in Africa 

Angola, DRC, Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia, Liberia

Offices in Europe 

Switzerland, Germany, Spain

Missions and goals

  • Being a major actor in the independent hydropower production in Africa.
  • Operate, maintain and manage hydropower facilites on the long term in Africa following responsible social and environmental basis.
  • Establish sustainable and high-quality O&M practices based on the Swiss know-how.
  • Optimization of availability, efficiency and profitability of hydropower facilites on the long term.
  • Capacity building and knowledge transfer to the local teams.
  • Training local workers through rigorous supervision to ensure longevity of hydropower structures in Africa.


Strategic Partners