About HOI


Established in 2014, Hydro Operation International SA, a Swiss-based privately owned company, specializes in powering energy transformation in Africa, through bringing state-of-the-art operations, maintenance, training and monitoring for public and private hydropower plants in Africa. Drawing on Switzerland’s extensive track record in hydropower and derives synergies, deep knowledge and expertise through its key Swiss reference partners, we aim to improve performance and profitability, achieve sustainable operations, and deliver power for economic transformation in Africa.

Our expertise lies in improving the performance of hydropower plants through offering its customers forward-thinking asset management strategies and solutions that benefit from its engineering and project delivery expertise.

Developing nations face significant challenges when it comes to implementing efficient O&M programmes due to a lack of proper training institutional capacity, which can lead to hydropower generating stations that are poorly maintained and operated. With this in mind, Hydro Operation International core skills lie in training and knowledge transfer, optimization, operation and maintenance (O&M) expertise, public and private asset management, end-to-end project management, rehabilitations and skills transfer.

In addition, poor operations and maintenance at hydropower facilities can lead to severe consequences, including degraded performance, rising outage rates, and increasingly expensive rehabilitation and replacement costs. This, in turn, can affect energy production, leading to loss of revenue, which is why at Hydro Operation International, we focus on ensuring more reliable and safe operations, sustainable power production efficiency and performance, while extending the lifespan of power plants and their profitability.

Looking towards the future, Hydro Operation International’s aim is to cement its leading position in the African hydropower sector and provide sustainable solutions that can benefit from our engineering and project delivery expertise. Taking the region in which we operate into account, we offer our customers flexible operating and maintenance concepts which are tailored to the unique challenges of each facility, while at the same time ensuring the safety, reliability and longevity for both their employees and facilities.


Amir Michel Kheradmand-square
Amir M. Kheradmand
Corporate Affairs and Commercial Director

Amir is the Corporate Affairs and Commercial Director of Hydro Operation International Ltd., a board member, and the Secretary of the Board.

Amir is a qualified lawyer in Canada and France with over 15 years of legal and commercial experience in infrastructures, construction, mining and hydropower projects in Africa, Europe and North-America.


Urs Brunner
Technical Director

Urs Brunner is co-founder of Hydro Operation International Ltd. and its Technical Director.

Urs is a mechanical engineer with a strong background in delivering complex projects in a global environment and in-depth expertise in design, construction, erection, start-up, tests and commissioning, as well as operation and maintenance of new and rehabilitated plants and facilities.



Empowering Africa through reliable energy innovation

For Africa to experience sustainable economic growth and productivity, it needs reliable energy, as well as the innovative infrastructure to guarantee that it is delivered in a way that is affordable, safe and consistent, to industry and individual households alike. However, the continent is plagued a lack of reliable power sources and prohibitive costs. At HOI, we have asked ourselves what it will take to power Africa, to bring it up to speed with its international counterparts, and to achieve real economic transformation.

This lack of power is the major barrier to entry for African businesses and entrepreneurs, farms, in factories and mines. It is also a major stumbling block to job creation and productivity among existing entities.

HOI’s goal is to power energy transformation in Africa, and become the operations and management (O&M) partner of choice, to help hydropower plants achieve efficient energy generation across all of Africa. The energy systems being deployed across the continent today must be reliable and well maintained, in order to support economic growth and competitiveness.

We see another crucial issue as sustainability and aim to accelerate Africa’s transition to sustainable power and electricity for all. Energy policy has to include smart choices that meet a region’s social, economic and environmental goals, and we need to maintain systems that can keep up to speed with each region’s growing energy demands.

Delivering energy which is affordable and sustainable requires resilient hydropower infrastructure and innovative energy systems that are maintained to the highest standards. Though our solutions and expertise we want to create a better lifestyle for Africa’s citizens and boost economic growth. Our ultimate goal is to empower Africa through reliable energy innovation.

  • Power energy transformation in Africa and become a major actor in its independent hydropower production
  • Operate, maintain and manage hydropower facilities on the long term in Africa following responsible social and environmental basis.
  • Become the operations and management (O&M) partner of choice through established sustainable and high-quality O&M practices based on the Swiss Know-how
  • Help hydropower plants achieve efficient energy generation across all of Africa through availability optimization, efficiency, and profitability of hydropower facilities in the long term
  • Accelerate Africa’s transition to sustainable power and electricity for all through capacity building and knowledge transfer to local teams
  • Train local workers through rigorous supervision to ensure the longevity of hydropowr structures in Africa and deliver energy which is affordable and sustainable through resilient hydropower infrastructure and innovative energy systems that are maintained to the highest standards.


We base our core values on:

  • Trust
  • Reliability
  • Social Responsibility
  • Responsiveness
  • Excellence

We are committed to how we engage and collaborate with our customers, partners, and staff to ensure environmentally friendly and secure solutions that empowers Africa through reliable energy innovation and drive mutual success.